Event Details

Join Ethicore at 12.00 CEST on 22 May to explore how upcoming elections could reshape the EU-South Africa trade landscape

What will we cover:

  • Analysis of the elections' potential impact on trade policies and regulations, affecting imports/exports.
  • Identification of specific risks, including shifts in tariffs, regulatory frameworks, and market access.
  • Opportunities arising from potential trade liberalisation, market expansion, and investment incentives.

With the potential for regulatory changes and market volatility, understanding these implications is paramount for businesses operating in both regions.

Speakers :

  • Wouter Lox Senior Advisor at RPPA . With over 25 years of experience as Director General in food and agriculture associations and general management, business planning, and public affairs in Brussels.
  • Daniel Dalton Senior Advisor at RPPA . Former member of the European Parliament and Chief Whip of the UK Conservative delegation. After leaving elected politics he was the CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels.
  • Abdul Waheed Patel Chief Executive Officer at Ethicore. With more than 15 years of professional experience as a government affairs expert, he has been a member of the South African Government delegation to the United Nations on Sustainable Development.

Secure your participation today to equip your company with foresight and strategies to navigate the evolving EU-South Africa trade relationship.

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